Annual meetings

Monday, October 7, 1996 - 00:00
ANNUAL MEETINGS AT Christian Retreat and Study Centre RajpurDehra Dun,U.P,OCTOBER 07-11,1996


Monday,October 7

08.30 am     


09.30 am

Inaugural function: 1.Prayer Service

2.Words of welcome-Dr.Joe Mannath,SDB

3.Inauguration and Key-note address:

"Tibetian Buddhistic Philosiphy of Liberation"

  -Abbot,Philosophical School of Sakhya Buddhism.            

10.30 am Tea
11.00 am

 Dynamics of  the meeting

11.30 am

 Paper I:"TheTheories of Social Movements"


12.30 pm



Paper II:"Political Liberation(Swaraj)":

               A Gandhian Perspective

               -Dr.Vensus George,SAC

 03.30 p.m Tea
 04.00 pm Paper III:"Gandhi and Ambedkar"

                 -Fr.Lawrence Pius

06.00 pm Paper IV:"Vinoba Bhave"

                 -Fr.Thomas Thakadipuram,CMF

07.00 pm Supper


Tuesday,October 8

07.00 am     

Holy Eucharist

07.15 am Breakfast
08.45 am

Paper V: "Economy of Permanence-The Liberation Philosophy of


                 -Fr.John Dilip Chakkanath,CMI

09.45 am


10.15 am

 Paper VI: "Erode V.Ramaswamy Naiker-A Political Philosopher"


11.30 am Paper VII: "Liberation Philosophy of Vivekananda"

                   -Dr.Maria Arokiam,SDB

12.30 pm Lunch
 02.30 p.m Paper VIII: "Sree Narayanaguru's Concept of Equality"

                   -Dr.George Panthenmackel,MSFS

 03.30 pm Tea
04.00 pm Paper IX:"M.N.Roy.-Dr Paul Mudathotty,MST"
05.15 pm

Paper X: "Jayaprakesh Narayanan"

                -Dr.Varghese Manimala,OFM(Cap)

                 "Naxalism"-Fr.Michael Selvaraj,HGN

08.00 pm Supper


Wednesday,October 9

06.30 am     

Holy Eucharist

07.15 am Breakfast
08.45 am Paper XI: "Linking Christian Spirituality and Political Commitment"

                   -Acharya John Saccidananda

09.45 am


10.15 am

Paper XII: "Dalit Christians-A brief survay""                   

                   -Rev.Nelson Pinto

11.30 pm

Paper XIII: "Hindutva""                   

                   -Prof.James Sundermurthy

12.30 pm Lunch
02.30 p.m

Paper XIV:"Tribal Movements: Jarkhand Movement"

                    Dr.Johnson Vadakumcherry,CMI

03.30 pm Tea
04.00  pm

Paper XV:"Chipko Movement"

                    -Dr.Augustine Keemattam,CM

05.15 pm Theme and papers for ACPI 1997 AT Varanasi
08.00 pm Supper


Thursday,October 10

06.30 am     

Holy Eucharist

07.15 am Breakfast
08.45 am

Paper XVI: "Martin Luther King"                   

                   -Dr.Jeo Manath,SBD

09.45 am


10.15 am

Paper XVii:"Jurgen Habermas"

                    -Dr.Jose Pereppadan,CMI

11.30 pm

 General Evaluation,Report and ACPI 1997

12.30 Lunch
02.00 pm Trip to Mussorie


Friday,October 11

07.00 am     

Holy Eucharist

07.45 am Breakfast
08.30 am Trip to Rshikesh,Haridwar and Ganges
11.30 pm

 Return trip to Delhi by Night Bus.


Annual Meeting

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