Dr. Nishant Irudayadason

nishantName: Nishant A. Irudayadason                                                               

 Address:         Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Post Box 3022, Ramwadi, Nagar Road, Pune 411 014; Phone No: (020) 41036158; Email ID: nishant@jdv.edu.in; Website:              http://jdv.edu.in

Academic Qualification: PhD – Université Paris-Est, France & Institute catholique de Paris, France

Thesis: Penser un monde par-delà les frontières

Post-doc – Boston College, US

 Subjects Teaching: Ethics, Political Philosophy, Phenomenology, Jewish Philosophy, Contemporary Western Philosophy, Hermeneutics, Bioethics

 Area of Specialization or Research Interest: Deconstruction, Geopolitics, Applied Ethics


Penser un monde par-delà les frontières. Sarrebruck: Editions Européens Universitaires, 2010.


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Presented a Paper on “Recontres des religions et cultures indiennes,” at Missions Etrangères de Paris, France, September 2005.

Presented a Paper on “Les trios voies de liberation,” in the National Congress of Vivre de l’Evangile Ensemble Aujourdhui held in Avignon, France, November 2005.

Participated in the Fifth International JDV Pune-Insbruck conference in Pune on Quest for Human and Cosmic Fullness, August 28-31, 2009 organized by Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune.

Presented a paper on “Nanotechnology: Moral Challenges and Opportunities,” at the International Symposium in Lonavala on Nanotechnology: The Master of Science and the Mystery of Religion, January 1-5, 2010 organized by the Indian Institute of Science and Religion.

Presented a paper on “Evolving an Ethics of Nanotechnology,” in a conference in Goa on Nanotechnology, February 12-13, 2010 organized by Sangam and St. Xavier’s College.

Presented a Paper titled “Knowledge from Postmodern Perspectives” on 28 October 2010 for the National Seminar organized by IGNOU in Delhi on the theme Philosophy and Distance Education: Innovations in Knowledge Infusion.

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