Book Release

 ACPI Annual Series 21

Title: Philosophizing Science: Promises, Perils and Possibilities

Edited by

Dr. Joy Alumkal, OCD

It was released by Bishop Vincent Aind during the Inaugural Function of ACPI 45th Annual Research Seminar, held at Morning Star College, Kolkata. 

The volume features 19 papers which were presented at 44th research seminar at St. Joseph Vaz Spiritual Renewal Centre, Old Goa, from 23rd to 25th October, 2019, on the same theme. The book attempts to philosophize science with the clarity of being both Christian and Philosopher, to develop an integral life, with the need of integrating science with reason and humanism. We hope that this volume inspires its readers to have a better grasp of the socio-cultural and economic-political implications of science becoming a bane or boon for human society.

For Copies, Please Contact ACPI Secretary, Dr.Joy Alumkal <>

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