ACPI had a humble origin, stable growth and reasonable achievements. The ACPI was conceived in 1975 and was born as an informal group in 1976. For a few years, this small group of Indian Christian Philosophers used to gather once a year for some informal sharing on philosophical questions of relevance. Eventually it was felt that the ACPI should engage itself in more serious and creative philosophical discussions. Thus the desire to do more serious philosophizing marks the beginning of the ACPI having annual meetings of three days, for the presentation of short papers and discussions on recurring philosophical themes from the curricula of Institutes of Philosophy. This too continued for a few years.

In 1989 the ACPI was registered as a Society with its statutes, laws and by-laws, and thus it gained a formal look in its functioning and administration. The ACPI membership was opened to Indian Christians involved in philosophical research by way of lecturing and/or publishing on philosophical questions. The Annual Meetings were regularly held with better planning, during which a relevant theme was thoroughly studied by means of research-papers and group-discussions.

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