43rd Annual Research Seminar Statement


of 43rd ACPI Annual Research Seminar on

“Philosophies of Transformative Practice: Social Movements in India”

We, the Association of Christian Philosophers of India (ACPI), met at the Socio-Religious Center (SRC), Kozhikode, for the 43rd Annual Research Seminar from 20th to 23rd October 2018. There were 89 participants in attendance.

  • India has a rich history of social movements that have brought about revolutionary and life transforming changes at different levels of Indian society. These social movements have contributed to improving the life of citizens, especially more vulnerable ones like the displaced and migrants, people in bonded labor and also those combating climate change and improving tribal welfare. These movements have also contributed to the education of girls, fighting against caste and gender discrimination, workers movements, environmental movements and other salutary causes.
  • Many Indian social movements aim to realize the transformative potential of the essential values, rights and duties enshrined in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution.
  • Social movements make change happen because of the courage, zeal, vision, sacrifice and commitment of their participants. No social movement that is truly just and equitable can be sustained without a firm conviction of the truth and the courage to proclaim it whatever be the cost.
  • Every social movement must strive to create a culture where people are empowered to believe in their own potential to be agents of change. All true development must aim at integral development, otherwise it is detrimental to every human interest. Genuine human development becomes a function and fruit of the harmonious activation of human potential and freedom.
  • Any attempt at transformative social action must include wisdom, power and care in a healthy tension.
  • We, as Indian Christian philosophers, by our philosophical reflections, can facilitate the dynamics of social movements by helping to make them liberative, humanizing and constructive.  It is imperative that our philosophizing is not confined only to the ideal, but is related to the real and existential situations of life.
  • We support socio-political movements that align with the Constitution and which employ democratic and rational approaches along with constructive activism. We encourage social movements which promote sustainable development and aim for integral and holistic growth.
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