Recent Publications

Recent Publications 

New Release

ACPI Annual Series 16


The Symbolic World: Construction and Deconstruction

Edited by

S. Sekar Sebastin

ACPI Annual Series 15

The Dynamics of Development: Negations and Negotiations

Edited by

Keith D'Souza

ACPI Annual Series 14

Title: Identity, Difference and Conflict: Postcolonial Critique

Edited by Victor Ferraro and James Ponniah


ACPI Annual Series 13

HISTORYAND HISTORIZING: Philosophical Reflections, 

Edited by

John Peter Vallabadoss.



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ACPI Special Series

 1. Title: RAIMON PANIKKAR, BEING BEYOND BORDERS: A Commemorative Volume, Edited by Johnson Puthenpurackal.  Cover Price - Rs.575/- (postage extra)

Being Beyond Borders is a commemorative volume, brought out by the ACPI, in honour of Raimon Panikkar (1918-2010): an Indian Christian Philosopher par excellence! This book consists of thirty-one studies on the various aspects of Panikkar's thought, three on his person and works, and a Glossary of Panikkarian Ex-pressions. In one book the whole of Panikkar is presented! 680 pages. Hardbound.

2. Title: AUTHENTIC EXISTENCE: A PHILOSOPHICAL PROBE - Festschrift in honour of Dr.Johnson Puthenpurackal, Edited by George Panthanmackel. Cover Price - Rs.425/- (postage extra)

It is a book brought out by the ACPI in gratitude to and in honour of Rev. Dr. Johnson Puthenpurackal, OFM Cap. It consists of twentyfour articles on 'authentic existence' according to the different contemporary Western thinkers. 420 pages.