Annual Meeting

Wednesday, October 21, 1998 - 00:00
ANNUAL MEETINGS AT Nitika,Calcutta OCTOBER 21-24,1998


Wednesday,October 21

09.00 am     


10.00 am

Inaugural function       

11.00 am Coffee Break
11.15 am

 Dynamics of  the meeting

11.30 am

 Paper I:"Eudaimonistic Ethics"

               -Dr.Dominic Vas,ocd

01.00 pm


 03.00 pm

Paper II:"Does the Kantian Categorical Imperative Presuppose


               -Dr.George Panthanmackel,msfs

 04.30 p.m Tea
 05.00 pm Paper III:"Ethics of Globalization"

                 -Dr.Jeo Mannath,sdb

08.00 pm Supper


Thursday,October 22

06.30 am     

Holy Eucharist

07.30 am Breakfast
08.45 am

Paper IV: "Ethics of Responsibility".

                 -Dr.Johnson Puthenpurackal,ofm cap

10.15 am

Coffee Break

10.45 am

 Paper V: "Girard's Concept of Mimetic Violence and

                   its Ethical Consequences"

                   -Dr.George Pattery,s.j

12.30 pm Lunch
03.00 pm

Paper VI: "Dharma in Dharmasatras".

                 -Dr.Jacob Kattackal

 04.30 p.m Tea
 05.00 pm

Paper VII: "Dharma in Manusmrti".

                 -Dr.Syamala Devi

08.00 pm Supper"
08.15 pm ACPI General Body Meeting
08.00 pm Supper


Friday,October 23

06.30 am     

Holy Eucharist

07.15 am Breakfast
08.45 am Paper VIII: "Ethics of Ramanuja"

                   -Mariano Iturbe

10.15 am

 Coffee Break

10.45 am

Paper IX: "Ethics of Primeval Religions""                   

                   -Dr.Johnson Vadakumcherry,cmi

12.30 pm Lunch
03.00 p.m

Paper X:"Hindu Understanding of Ethics"

                    -Thomas Thakadipuram,cmf

04.30 pm Tea
05.00  pm

Paper XI:"Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights"

                    -Dr.Albano Fernandes,sdb

08.00 pm Supper


Saturday,October 24

A Day of Outing for SightSeeing



Annual Meeting

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