Annual meetings

Wednesday, October 24, 2001 - 00:00

We,the members of the Association of Christian Philosophers pf India(ACPI),gathered for our annual meeting at Shanthi Kiran,Mangalore,24-26 October 2001,with the topic "The Social Reality of India:Philosophical Reflections based on the Indian Contitution," di appreciate and reaffirm the basic tanets and ideals of Justice,equality,liberty,faternity,democracy,secularism and socialism enshrined in the Indian Constitution.
We have become keenly aware of the wayour Constitution balances the principle of equality and the rights of difference.
We favour the strengthening of these basic principles,especially in favour of the disadvantaged groups such as the scheduled castes,the scheduled tribes,women and children.
We would like that freedom be taken also as a responsibility by the people as well as by our leaders,and that human rights be respected in all walks of life.
We affirm the unity and integrity of our country, and we denounce those fundamentalist and divisive forces that threaten the unity and secular fabric of our nation.
Taking into account the multi-religious character of India,we feel that secularism should go beyond mere tolerence to a positive acceptance and appreciation of all religious and of their contribution to nation-bulding.
We recommend that a study of our Constitution and of the United Nations Character of Human Rights be included in the syllabus of all educational institutions.
Finally,we strongly urge that the right to education upheld in the Constitution be fully implemented at the earliest.

Annual Meeting

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